Thursday, February 23, 2017

Testimonies, Handkerchiefs and an Amazing God - Triumphant Quartet Concert Recap

It's been an unusual start to 2017. I didn't get to attend my first concert until mid-February, which is very unusual. I had missed it, missed the live music and concert setting since it had been about two months when normally I'm at a concert a couple times a month. As soon as I found my seat at Hempstead Hall that night in Hope, I knew it was going to be well worth the wait.

Triumphant Quartet took the stage that night in Hope. From the first note to the last, it was just an incredible night.

Highlights of the first half -

  • "We Will Remember" 
  • "Jesus Built This Church on Love"
  • "Who Can Do Anything"
  • "Somebody Died for Me"

Eric took the stage with his Bible and talked about Psalm 22 and Psalm 23. David was the author of both; yet they have very different tones. One is full of confidence with assurance that God is with him, but the other asks God why has He forsaken me. He said that we don't know how much time passed in between the two. However, we all know that things can change on a dime. We can all go from a mountaintop moment to a low point quickly. He reassured the audience that night that no matter what we face He is still amazing and He is still with us. He read the chorus of "Amazing God" before David stepped up to sing the song. This song was probably the moment of the night for me. It's such a beautiful reminder of just how "amazing" God is. We tend to throw that word around flippantly, but with God it's completely true. They ended the first half with "Hallelujah," which I had never heard them sing live! Loved their version of this song with each of them taking a verse.

After an intermission, they came back to sing "Because He Loved Me" and "This Blood," which is always one of my favorites!

There was a problem on one the major interstates driving into Hope causing several people and groups to be a little late to the concert. Eric told the audience that because of that they would sing a few more than normal. A man from the audience shouted out "Thank you." I think all of us felt the the same way, late or not. Eric then said they would do something they don't normally do and that was let the audience ask them some questions. They gathered their stools to take a seat near the front of the stage and took questions like when they were all saved, their favorite songs to sing and even took a request or two. One of the requests included the hymn "He Touched Me," which they said they had never sung before as a group. They were put on the spot, but it was a great moment!

They sang a few more like "When the Trumpet Sounds," "Whiter Than Snow" and "Love Came Calling." Of course, it wouldn't be a Triumphant concert without "The Old White Flag." There were a number of people seeing Triumphant for the first time, and I always love to see their faces when the hankies start waving.

It was an incredible night. I always love getting to see this group live. I loved hearing them sing, but also love that I got to hear them share from their hearts from Eric's set up on "Amazing God" to their individual testimonies. Thanks, Triumphant, for a great night of worship!

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